Doctorate Program

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This program is a state of the art development and also multidisciplinary for professional and academics. Each candidate is compulsory to finish his/her research study in 7 semesters (3.5 years) with the minimum of 40 credit units consisting of at least 8 credit units for lecture activities during the first year and 32 credit units for research. The subjects the student need to take will be determined during the review of their dissertation proposal after they are admitted to the program. Subesquently, students have to undergo qualifying exam. Upon satisfying the qualityexam, the student may start their research.

During the course of their study, the student must undergo several departmental seminars both scheduled and unscheduled. These seminars will result in several publications to national/international conferences and journals. Student will undergo closed examinations after fulfilling all requirements, including publications and dissertation. Upon satisfying closed examination, student may choose either submitting more journal publications or undergoing open examination before they are graduated.

Post Graduate Program Office:

2nd Floor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty of Engineering,
Universitas Gadjah Mada

Jl. Grafika No. 2, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55281.

Phone/Fax: 0274-510983

E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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